ATTENTION: If  You Want To Treat Your Heartburn And Acid Reflux At Home The Natural Way, This Will Be The Most Important Letter You'll Ever Read…

“Cure Your Heartburn And Acid Reflux For Good… Without Drugs Or Surgery”

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From the desk of David Smith
Re:  Eliminating heartburn and acid reflux the easy way…

Dear Heartburn and Acid Reflux Sufferer,

If you are reading this letter then it’s likely that you've been through some rough times because of heartburn and acid reflux.

I’m sure you know the symptoms well…

Your throat burns like a fire… acid rushes up into your mouth… pain stabs your chest like a knife… and you are exhausted from not sleeping at night.

Sure, you could take a pill and hope it will work – I did too – but as soon as it wears off you’re back to square one, dreading the next attack.

Sounds familiar?

I know what you’re going through because I was once in your shoes.


But if you look at me now…

“You Would Never Think That Heartburn And Acid Reflux Almost Ruined My Life…”

I felt miserable all day…

I was forced to disrupt family outings… important business meetings were interrupted… all because I would suffer from sudden and painful attacks of heartburn and acid reflux two or three times a week.

I even ended up in the emergency room after one severe attack.

You’re probably wondering…

How did I successfully cure heartburn and acid reflux when all my doctors, specialists and gastroenterologists told me it couldn't be done?  I’ll get to that soon, but first...


Let me ask you…

“Are You Sick And Tired Of...”

  The sleepless nights which force you to become a caffeine junkie just to get through the next day?

  The excruciating pain that ruins so many family dinners and get-togethers that you are now considered the  "black sheep" of the family.

  Handing over piles of cash to greedy drug companies for antacids and over-the-counter medications that never offer a permanent solution?

  Feeling like a ‘"freak" because you can’t eat like everyone else or you’ll suffer from acid reflux symptoms such as pain, burning, burping, choking, and vomiting?

  Bouncing around like a tennis ball from doctor to doctor who each tells you different and conflicting things?


"How I Uncovered the Disturbing Secret Cause of Heartburn and Acid Reflux That Most Doctors Won't Tell You"

Here’s the BIG problem:  Most doctors don’t see the big picture – they only treat the symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux... and not the real causes. 

Why? They send you off with some prescription medication that doesn’t give you long term results and can even cause damage to your internal organs.

Believe me, I must have tried every prescription and over-the-counter heartburn and acid reflux pill and medication on the market.  Most of the time they left me feeling worse than before and with a huge hole in my pocket.

Well, luckily for you, these problems became a blessing in disguise because I have put together a comprehensive natural cure resource with all the natural methods and treatments I’ve discovered and perfected in 15 years of battling heartburn and acid reflux.


"And Now It's Helped Thousands Of People... Just Look..."

"Definitely worked for me..."

"I had acid reflux for 20 years.  I always used Tums or Rolaids but that was working less and less. 

Honestly, I was skeptical when I first read about your program but then I tried it and I have to say it definitely worked for me. 

Your package contains so much information in such an easy to read fashion.  Everybody who suffers from acid reflux should try it."

--Joseph Rocicot (Los Angeles, USA)

"Been heartburn-free for 7 months..."

"When I would get acid reflux, I would always be asleep and the acid would pool in the back of my throat and wake me up like a shot. 

If I tried to cough it up it would only get worse and I would have coughing spasms and tears running down my face.  I tried other products on the web but nothing offered permanent relief. 

Then a friend told me about your website and boy am I glad she did.  Your report did everything that you promised and more. 

I've now been heartburn-free for 7 months.  Good luck with your program, David."

--Bruce Romani (London, England)

   "Finally going to get some rest..."

"Here’s a quick email to tell you how pleased I am.  Let me tell you, I was a smoker and heartburn was part of my life. 

I suffered every night from brutal acid reflux attacks and never thought my acid reflux nightmare would end.  Well, I’ve just bought your report and what do you know…the reflux is gone. 

It’s now 2:45 am and I’m finally going to get some rest.  It worked and I still can’t believe it.  Thank you so much."

--Chelsea Lammon (Brisbane, Australia)



 “I Never Thought It Could Happen To Me”

Here's my story:

Several years ago I suffered a massive heartburn attack that landed me in the emergency room.

I admit it… I had ignored every warning sign…

The burning in my throat… the acid shooting up into my mouth… the unbearable pain…

This occurred two or three times a week… after a stressful day at work, after a heavy meal or for what seemed to be no reason at all, really.

So what did the doctor say?

I would get better?

There was a natural treatment?


After diagnosing me with Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) - better known as Acid Reflux (Chronic Heartburn) - the doctor calmly told me…


“You Will Have To Take Prescription Drugs For The Rest Of Your Life!”

No way, I was NOT going to spend the rest of my life popping worthless drugs that didn’t get me any better.

Question is, what did I do?

How did a chronic heartburn sufferer control his burning, gas and pain even after everything else had failed and doctors had told me there was no solution for my condition?


“My Shocking Natural Discovery That Worked Better Than Conventional Heartburn and Acid Reflux Treatments”

I checked out hundreds of books on diet and eating, herbal remedies for heartburn, acid reflux home remedies - everything I could get my hands on.

I followed the instructions to the letter and tried some stuff that when I look back now I say “What was I thinking?”  As you can probably guess - I was desperate!

Slowly, the puzzle started to come together.  Some common myths we all hear about heartburn (even from doctors!) were debunked. 

My spirits soared as I read up on what acid reflux triggers to avoid and what steps to take so the burning, indigestion and the pain never come back.

In two weeks, I noticed my throat wasn’t burning as much after meals. 

The pain in my chest was going away and I could actually eat REAL food again.  In one month, the heartburn and acid reflux was completely gone


Now, 5 years later, I can tell you…

“My Heartburn & Acid Reflux Are A Thing Of The Past”

Today, I can say with total confidence that I am cured of heartburn and acid reflux.  And if you try my natural methods, I guarantee that you too will enjoy results like these ...

 The burning pain after meals will be gone.

  You will sleep like a baby at night and have more energy at work better the next day.

  Meals with family and friends will be a pleasure again.

  You will finally be free of the medication trap that may be keeping hostage.

  Your stress level will be at an all-time low.

  You will have your health and your life back!


But don’t just take my word for it…

“Listen To What Other People Are Saying…” 

"Your remedies will be next to my bed..."

"I suffered from heartburn for 18 years.  Tums and Rolaids didn’t help unless I swallowed the whole darn pack. 

I couldn’t sleep more than 5 hours a night due to the pain.  I would wake up throwing up or choking. 

I’ll keep your remedies next to the bed from now on."             

--Mary Brosca (Houston, USA)

 "My heartburn is completely gone..."

"I woke up one day feeling like I needed to take a deep breath every 3-4 minutes.  It was like the feeling you get after you’ve run as fast as you can and can’t run any more. 

Doctors did blood work, EKG, esophagram (a barium swallow test), and listened to my lungs.  They diagnosed me with acid reflux. 

I was on various reflux medications for several months.  My reflux would come and go but it never really went away. 

The doctor said I probably needed surgery.  That got me really concerned so I did some searching and came across your program. 

I not a big believer in natural treatments but I thought, "What do I have to lose?" 

Well, David, you have made a believer out of me.  I ordered in the afternoon, and by the next day, my heartburn was down considerably. 

Within a week, it was completely gone.  Thank you for your great work, David."

--Troy Maxwell (New York, USA)

 "I feel confident and happy again!"

"Before I was diagnosed with acid reflux, I was never used to worrying about my health, it was very psychologically stressful. 

I would look at objects in my house, pictures of my family and think, ‘I felt so different when I took that picture.’  

I was a careless, and extremely confident person, but after my attacks started I became ‘clingy’ and ‘unsure’ and always worried about my health. 

I tried Acidfex, Pivecid, Nexim, and a lot of Prilosec.  Since I’ve gone with your natural remedies I haven’t had any problems and I feel confident and happy again. 

Seems almost too good to be true but I can honestly say without a doubt that it works."

--Jennifer Tang (Philadelphia, USA) 


 “What Was The Key To Curing My Heartburn And Acid Reflux?”

Simply this…

“You need to give your body’s inner defenses the natural tools they need to repair and reverse the years of damage to your digestive tissues”

Sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?  Yet not 1 in 1,000 people actually do this.

What do they do instead?

They just keep popping pills like if they were candy.  Many times, that actually makes the situation worse. 

And most of the time, it doesn’t eliminate your heartburn and acid reflux at all.


“The One Thing That Eliminates Heartburn And Acid Reflux…”

It’s this:  A combination of proven natural methods that anyone can use in their own home. 

Most of these methods are very cheap and many are even free. 

All you need is to just learn the basics about heartburn and acid reflux and then to apply some simple steps that only take minutes a day.

Luckily for you, I spent years finding out what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to curing heartburn and acid reflux naturally and safely. 

Now I’ve got great news for you.

Recently, I put together an exclusive report showing all the natural methods I have used to cure myself and many others of the pain and suffering of heartburn and acid reflux.

So if you’re ready to say good-bye to your pain and suffering for good, let me introduce you to:

The Only Complete Natural Resource That Will Teach You How To Permanently Cure Your Heartburn and Acid Reflux, End The Burning, Revitalize Your Body and Achieve The LASTING Relief You Deserve!

“The Reflux Solution System” is a heartburn and acid reflux success downloadable ebook, jam-packed cover to cover with all the secret heartburn and reflux relief methods, unique powerful techniques and the step-by-step natural heartburn and reflux system I’ve discovered in over 7 years of research. 

This program contains all the information you'll ever need to eliminate your heartburn and acid reflux permanently without medication and without using drugs and without any side effects.

Here’s a Small Sample of What The Reflux Solution Will Do For You…

You will be free of Heartburn, Acid Reflux, GERD and most related digestive disorders.

You will conquer the debilitating side effects of Acid Reflux, such as Hiatal Hernia, Barret’s Esophagus, and Esophageal Ulcers.

You will take charge of your own health and feel better and more alive than you have in years.

You will look better, feel better, and enjoy life to the fullest.

 You will save hundreds and thousands of dollars on worthless, jacked-up drugs, medications, and OTCs that are making you sicker, not better.

 You will be more productive at work and happier at home without the pain of heartburn grinding you down day after day.

 You will find out the REAL cause of your heartburn and GERD that even most doctors don’t know.

 With FREE Lifetime Updates, so you'll discover the latest effective natural methods as soon as the database is updated!

… and much, much more!

Here’s the bottom line: I’m not holding anything back, this report contains the EXACT methods that I (and thousands of others) have used to overcome my relentless 15-year battle with acid reflux and heartburn.

It is everything you’ll need to gain your health and your life back from the pain, burning and discomfort of Heartburn, Acid Reflux, GERD and most related digestive disorders, such as Hiatal Hernia, Barret’s Esophagus and Esophageal Reflux.


“Why Not Just Take A Prescription Drug Or An Over The Counter Pill?”

Because you see, many antacids, over-the-counters and other reflux drugs are, dollar for dollar, the biggest rip-offs in the world.

You could buy a year’s worth of medications and chances are you still wouldn’t find a permanent cure for your heartburn and acid reflux.

What happens next?

You’ll probably keep throwing money away for the rest of your life AND the side effects would cause your internal organs to gradually start breaking down.

The truth is, heartburn and acid reflux sufferers from all over the world have improved their lives with the methods in The Reflux Solution and testimonials like these have started to pour into my email inbox:


"Pain gone in 2 minutes flat!"

"My wife couldn’t sleep because of her heartburn last Wednesday night. 

Instead of going to the store at 5 am for Tums, I came across your website. 

I ordered and tried one of the remedies (it just happened to be in my kitchen, like you said). 

It sure did the trick. 

Her pain was gone in 2 minutes flat and we can both sleep again."

--Ralph Bader (Toronto, Canada)

"No more choking on acid at night..."

"As a college student my diet was heavy on cheeseburgers and tequila. 

I started having serious health issues my senior year.  So I went to the doctor but she said nothing about diet, just told me to take PPIs for life. 

Well, I'm sure glad I found this amazing resource of yours. 

It's so easy to follow and doesn't take a lot of time or money, both of which are things I sure don't have at this point. 

After following your instructions, I went from waking up choking on acid every other night to not having acid problems at all. 

Thanks, David, I'll tell my friends about your helpful report."

--Brandon Shaw (Seattle, USA)

"I can eat normally again..."

"I had the worst heartburn ever. 

I only got 2 hours of sleep at a time before I was awakened by a fiery belch that caused me to regret anything I ate. 

So in desperation I tried your advice.  I did what you said and ate the foods you recommended. 

What do you know… it worked and I couldn’t be more pleased.  I’m so thankful to have the chance to sleep and eat normally again."

–Rory Jamieson (Edinburgh, Scotland)


The Reflux Solution debunks deadly heartburn and acid reflux myths that keep you trapped in an endless cycle of ineffective drugs and medications.

It takes you step by step to show you how to treat the root cause of your heartburn and acid reflux so you can enjoy a pain-free life once again.


Imagine how great you'll feel when you discover...

The secret to curing your acid reflux without drugs, over the counter medications or surgery.

Acid reflux home remedies that help your body heal itself quickly, safely and permanently. 

Natural cures for heartburn that you can try at home inexpensively and without a prescription.

How to eat a delicious diet that reverses your heartburn and acid reflux for good.  

How to treat acid reflux during pregnancy.

How to treat your baby’s acid reflux and heartburn without medicine

...and Much More!

But it gets even better! To sweeten the deal, I’m throwing in 3 time-limited bonuses.

These bonuses are worth $97 and they are yours FREE if you order today.

“Claim These Exclusive Bonuses If You Order Now…”

For Heartburn and Acid Reflux Sufferers Who Take Advantage of This Offer Today… 

Time-Limited Bonus #1:

"How and When to Be Your Own Doctor"

($29 Value) 

How and When to Be Your Own Doctor is an essential guide that teaches you how natural health practices that have worked for centuries but that today's doctors often ignore due to time pressures and because prescribing drugs and surgeries are much more 'financially rewarding' for them. 


"$29 Value"

You get it for FREE

Only a couple of generations ago, our grandparents knew these natural health secrets and lived long, healthy lives without the modern diseases so common today.

You will learn how to live like that now!

This book was written by a certified Phd hygienist who reveals with real-life examples, personal experiences and practical ideas how to live a healthy, pain-free life the natural way.

This guide will save you hundreds of dollars on drugs and surgeries that end up not helping you at all. 

This is a MUST-HAVE for anyone who wants a healthier life and to live longer the natural way.


Time-Limited Bonus #2:

"A Complete Book of Nature's Cures"

($31 Value)

This 265-page book reveals how we can all stay as healthy and strong as when we were younger by following a few simple rules that let our body start healing itself.


"$31 Value"

You get if for FREE

You will discover surprising and easy natural cures for 100s of diseases and illnesses. 

When you realize how to work with your body - and not against it - you will be able to stop and even reverse chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, kidney disorders, and so much more.

You’ll refer to this helpful guide time and time again as you learn how to increase your energy, renew your vitality, and have a full and healthy life.


Time-Limited Bonus #3:

"Lessons From The Miracle Doctors"

($37 Value)


"$37 Value"

You get if for FREE


Eliminate the cause of nearly every disease and stop depending on dangerous prescription medications once and for all. 

This book teaches you how to start at the beginning and rebuild the healthiest body you can.   

Lessons From The Miracle Doctors goes beyond merely treating symptoms.

It shows you how to target the real causes of disease. 

Lessons From the Miracle Doctors has been called one of the most informative books on alternative health ever written. Jon Barron's entire 177-page masterpiece is included here. 

With valuable step-by-step advice on cleansing and detox, diet and supplements, balancing your body’s systems, and how to deal with specific conditions like cholesterol, diabetes, and cancer.


 Get These Reflux Solution BONUSES Now >>


And to make this totally risk-free for you…

“You're 100% Covered By My NO-RISK, 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee…”


You get a 60-day, no hassles, no questions asked, full money back guarantee. 

Here’s how it works:

Try “The Reflux Solution” for 60 days.  

If, after seeing and applying all the methods I reveal in my report, your heartburn and acid reflux have not improved – or completely cured, for that matter – I’ll give you a prompt no-hassle refund of every last cent of your money.

And you keep the 3 bonuses as my ‘Thank You’ for giving my program a try!

In fact, I’ll give you a full 100% refund for any reason – or no reason - whatsoever… just ask!

How can I make this outrageous guarantee? Because I know that my natural methods flat-out work and once you try them you’ll never want to be without them!

What’s more, you’ll be thrilled with how great you feel and how much money you are saving. I’m guessing you’ll even tell your friends about this revolutionary product. 

Think about it:

The worst that can happen is you’ll come out $97 ahead with the 3 FREE bonuses. There’s simply no way you can lose with this iron clad money back guarantee.

Gain instant access to this amazing natural system + the bonuses for 60 days, TOTALLY RISK-FREE below:

Picture this: In just 5 minutes from now, you’ll get started on the new heartburn and acid reflux-free life you’ve always wanted.

There’s no question that The Reflux Solution is more than a natural remedy for your heartburn and acid reflux.  It is a step-by-step blueprint to get your life back in the easiest, safest and quickest way possible. 

Many have called it a ‘miracle.’  Quite frankly, it’s much more than that.  In fact, my system is a proven, scientific method that works time and time again, in everyone who follows the methods I will reveal to you.   

Although I’ve shown you proof that this program works, nothing matters until it works for you, right? 

So why delay getting better any longer?  Why delay waking up rested and full of energy? Why delay enjoying your life to the fullest again? 

Get instant access to The Reflux Solution program now and move closer to a healthier life now:

"Yes, David! I Want Access To The Reflux Solution And All The Bonuses Now!"

I'm ready and eager to start downloading The Reflux Solution.
By taking action today, I understand that:

 You will grant me instant access. Once my enrollment is processed, you will give me immediate access to ALL your system, including all the natural methods, resources and the 3 bonuses worth $97.

 By taking quick action today, I will only pay a low investment of just $37. There are no renewals, no recurring fees, no other charges - this is a LIFETIME membership.

 In addition, I understand that I will forfeit this introductory price and the bonuses if I do not purchase it now.

 I further understand that on top of all these incredible benefits, I am backed by your "Better than 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee"

It is on that basis that I am clicking the secure order link below and getting instant access to The Reflux Solution now:

Regular Price: $67 Today: $37

[ Add To Cart ]

There are NO monthly payments or hidden fees.
Update: Free Bonuses If You Order Today! 

To ensure your information stays secure, our payments are backed by McAfee Secure, so you know you can order from us at any time with full confidence!

Sincerely, Your Friend,

David Smith
Medical Researcher and
author of the Reflux Solution™ System. 

P.S.  If you have any questions at all about this program before you order, please feel free to contact me at any time.  The Reflux Solution has worked for thousands of people around the world and many of them had questions before they made their decision. 

Before you dismiss this opportunity, let me put your mind at ease.  I will be more than happy to talk to you if you need any help.  You will only get better if you take that step and get started.

P.P.S.  Remember, The Reflux Solution is yours to examine and use for 60 days!  You have nothing to lose by at least trying my proven system, and if you’re not completely blown away by how great you feel just email me and I will give you a full refund.  I urge you to take action and order while it’s still cheap:

Regular Price: $67 Today: $37

[ Add To Cart ]

P.P.P.S:  I know you’re probably in a lot of pain and frustration because of your heartburn and acid reflux and the only thing holding you back is whether this program will work for you or not. 

I believe it will… and you have read for yourself the testimonials from real men and women just like you who tried other methods with little or no success.  They were once in your shoes until they found this website.  Nothing on the internet or in any store can compare to what you are about to get your hands on.

Regular Price: $67 Today: $37

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NOTE: The Reflux Solution is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonuses onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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